Faulkner: Being undocumented doesn’t make you a criminal.

Steve Faulkner

Steve Faulkner (Twitter)

The Coalition of Movements Against Xenophobia’s Steve Faulkner says that not having documents or not having the correct paper work to be or reside in South Africa is not the same as being a criminal.

There have been more than 400 foreign nationals detained in Operation Fiela raids. As of yet, this is the government’s response to the xenophobic attacks that broke out earlier this year in parts of the country.

In Johannesburg and Mpumalanga, some foreign nationals attempted to evade authorities and many that were caught were taken to the Police Stations and then later handed over to Home Affairs.

With other countries in Africa not being as stable as one could hope, there are many fears of a large influx of more foreign nationals to come and seek refuge in South Africa.

Since the beginning of Operation Fiela, there have been numerous complaints from foreign nations about the police’s unconstitutional methods.

Faulkner says that there is evidence to show that the people majority of the foreign nationals that are in the country are in fact documented and that those who are not documented are in the minority.


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