“I will break you, white boy” – Schabir Shaik

Durban – A terminally ill Schabir Shaik on Wednesday threatened a journalist, telling him his health had improved enough for him to be able to headbutt the journalist and kick him in the genitals.

Shaik was granted medical parole in 2009 on the basis that he was terminally ill.

“I will kick you in the poes!”, “I could have given you a headbutt,” and “I will break you, white boy” were some vibrant threats that emanated from the former financial advisor to President Jacob Zuma.

Initially, the conversation had started off peacefully enough, with Shaik saying that he was relaxing at home. He was approached for comment on the decision to relax his parole conditions.

Queried about a media report that he was considering going into business, Shaik denied that he was doing this. He also said that he was not aware of the report and had never said that he was going into business.

Asked about his health, Shaik said: “My health is improving. Do you want to die? So why do you want me to die?”

‘I could have given you a headbutt’

It was then that he asked whether the telephone conversation was on the record. When told it was, he became angry.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Advised that he had been told upfront that he was speaking to a journalist from News24 and that this had been said at the outset of the telephone conversation, Shaik accused the journalist of “not having the balls” to interview him in person.

“I could have given you a headbutt. I will break you white boy. I will kick you in your poes.”

Asked to confirm that he would be kicking the journalist in the genitals, Shaik reconfirmed that: “I will kick you in your poes.”

Asked how he knew that the journalist was white, his response was that the journalist “sounded like a white boy”.

He then accused the journalist of not being able to accept the fact that “South Africa was no longer being run by a white government”.

Moments later, the call was placed on hold. Attempts to redial the number were unsuccessful and the call went to voicemail.

In February 2011, Shaik was accused of assaulting a journalist on a golf course in Durban. The reporter had said Shaik throttled her and slapped her in her face.

Then not long after in March 2011, the former businessman had allegedly hit a distraught father outside a mosque.

And in September 2013, Shaik had also allegedly attacked a caddie on the same golf course.


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