Don’t Panic – State Security Minister, David Mahlobo

Johannesburg – There was no need to panic over warnings of a terror attack against US interests in South Africa, State Security Minister David Mahlobo said on Wednesday.

“There is no need for panic… but as a concern that was raised by the Americans, we will continue to do our normal job, to share information, be on the alert, we will not be in a position to be complacent.

“But, as we know, South Africa remains stable and there is no imminent danger or threat that is being posed by any terrorist group to this republic,” Mahlobo told broadcaster eNCA.

The US Diplomatic Mission to South Africa issued a warning on Tuesday to US citizens that extremists might be targeting its government facilities and business interests in South Africa. It said the US had received “specific, credible, non-counterable threat information”.

Mahlobo said US authorities had been in contact with their South African counterparts over the last few days to say they are “very worried” about certain individuals who may pose a threat.

South Africa took this warning seriously but its information from the ground was that there was no imminent danger.

“What we have done in terms of processing that information, we have to come to the conclusion that there is no immediate danger or threat that is being posed to any person within the republic…

“But we will continue to monitor the information,” said Mahlobo.


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