ANC wants another chance in the WC

Jenna Etheridge, News24

Cape Town – Western Cape voters should give the ANC a chance in the local government elections because it is getting its house in order, provincial secretary Faiez Jacobs says.

“We have in the past scored own goals but we have a good, credible, committed leadership. We have a credible plan,” he told News24.

Jacobs said they were trying to modernise administration, improve communications and focus on membership renewals.

“Part of the cleaning out is also to signal to communities that look, you didn’t give us a chance last time, but give us a chance now.”

The party was cautiously optimistic and believed people in the province was “tired of the Democratic Alliance”.

It hoped to get 50% of votes in the city of Cape Town – or close enough to that figure – to form a coalition.

“We are checking our chances in the other 24 municipalities across the province.”

‘We also want to be hip. We want to be cool’

Jacobs said some youngsters perceived the ANC as a party of the past.

It intended holding focus groups with young people to see how it could modernise and resonate with their issues.

“Look, we also want to be hip. We want to be cool. I know I am a middle-aged man, but we have youngsters here that are part of our media strategy,” the 42-year-old said, pointing to a boardroom filled with staff.

While the party wanted to understand their concerns and issues, there was no space for “rabble-rousing”.

Jacobs said the youth had numerous opportunities available to them and needed to play a constructive role in their future.

He emphasised that all races were welcome in the ANC fold.

“There is a negative association with the ANC, sometimes justified, but I think most of the time there is an underlying narrative that everything associated with black is negative,” he said.

“It is almost an ingrained, societal, sub-acceptance that white is right, beautiful, competent and hardworking.”

He wanted to break those stereotypes and unite all communities by getting people out of their “laagers and retreats”.


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