Malema (and South Africa) vs Zuma, the showdown is set.

“The man [Zuma] has run out of options,” he told reporters in Johannesburg. “Zuma must pray that the Constitutional Court must rule in his favour because if the court says Zuma must comply with the remedial actions of the public protector, then Zuma is in trouble.”

The Constitutional Court is expected to hear the EFF’s case on February 9 next year.

The party is taking Zuma to the highest court in the country in a bid to have the president repay some of the money spent on his private home in Nkandla.

Malema said his party had tried everything political and parliamentary and it had not worked. The Constitutional Court was the last step.

“Once we have gone to the Constitutional Court, that’s it. We can’t continue with the questions to the president about pay back the money,” he said.

However, he does not believe it is going to be an easy ride for Zuma, because the six-month period for him to take Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s report under a court review had lapsed.

Malema claimed this was part of the EFF’s plan to make sure Zuma is held accountable.

A calculated move

“So if the court says you must comply you can’t then return and say I am now taking this matter for a court review. Those options are out.

“It’s a calculated move. It’s not a coincidence. You keep him busy there so that he forgets the court review period. When you are done with this period you go to court and say now he must comply.

“We are convinced that there are no options for JZ.”

Malema also took a swipe at the DA for not initially wanting to join the EFF’s Constitutional Court action.

He went as far as calling the opposition party racists. “They can’t stomach the fact they were beaten on this matter by black young boys.”

Malema said the DA was convinced that the EFF would not get access to the court, but the party had proved them wrong.

“They can’t stomach the fact that they were outshined by black fellows. We are happy they finally came to their senses and they are joining the EFF.”

Malema also claimed that the public protector had written a letter asking to join the EFF’s application.

He said the party wanted as many civil organisations as possible to join.


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