Zuma likens himself to Jesus, forgetting he said, “ANC will rule until Jesus comes.”

Johannesburg – President Jacob Zuma has likened himself to Jesus saying that he too has been betrayed by people close to him.

“We were never loved. Even when we were in the struggle we were called terrorists… because we are doing good things we are hated… Even those who were with Jesus turned against him.”

Zuma was speaking in Mpumalanga on 2016-11-19 during his roadshow thanking ANC volunteers.

He took swipes at the EFF and the DA, saying that the two parties needed lessons on a democratic system.

“The sign of a democracy is majority rule. Those who are losers want to rule with us. How can they do that? Another sign of democracy is debate.”

Zuma said supporters needed to take note of constant disruptions by the EFF in parliament.

“There is a party in parliament that can’t debate. They run away from it. When there is debate in parliament, they rise in points of order

In his critique of the DA, Zuma said it was distorting democracy by running to the courts.

“They take matters of parliament to the courts. So we can see who is telling the truth. They distort democracy. If there is a slight disagreement they run to the courts. That is not democracy. They don’t know democracy. We have to teach them democracy.”

He was adamant that the ANC was the only party fighting against corruption, saying that the DA was all talk.

“All they know is corruption. We didn’t just talk about corruption we fight corruption. We have arrested many and fired many. They are trying to make it seem like we are the corrupt. Where there is corruption we will fight it.”

Lizeka Tandwa, News24


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