Hevisaurus: The heavy metal band for children

Hevisaurus is a Finnish heavy metal band formed in 2009 whose music is aimed at children. The band members typically wear dinosaur costumes. Hevisaurus’ debut concert was at the Elämä Lapselle charity event on September 9th 2009. Their first tour started from the Tavastia Club in Helsinki on November 22nd 2009.

After Rantanen (a prominent Ice Hockey player in Finland) attended a children’s music concert with his children, he decided to start a heavy metal band for children. Rantanen and his friends from the Finnish metal community began writing and recording songs.

Hevisaurus has released seven albums to date and the albums have sold over 170 000 copies, only in Finland. Nowadays there are also Spanish, Hungarian and Swedish versions of Hevisaurus.

The album ”Hirmuliskojen Yö” was the 2nd most sold album in Finland in 2010, when the band was rewarded with the best children album Emma (Finnish Grammy’s).

The Dudesons and Hevisaurus opened up an indoor amusement park to Oulu’s Super Park in April 2013. The band also has their own Hevisaurus-game for Android and iOS devices. In the game you try to finish levels while listening to the band’s songs. The application also includes mini-games like puzzles. The application was released in 2013.

Hevisaurus got their picture on the walls of Hard Rock Café and they also got listed in the Hard Rock Café’s international database of artists/bands. They are the second Finnish band, besides Amorphis, who has gotten such an honor.
According to legend, five dinosaur eggs made from metal survived the mass extinction some 65 million years ago in the mountain of wizards. In the year 2009 witches gathered at the same place. A giant lightning bolt hit the ground and simultaneously creating ash and revealing the eggs. From the power of the witches’ chants, the eggs exploded open and five Hevisaurus’ hatched.


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