Professor Nutt, cracks Doctors For Life’s Fears.

Day 8 of the Trial of the Plant was rocked with the usual arrogance of the state and 8th defendant, Doctors for Life. Who unwittingly has been providing the judge with more reasons Marijuana should be legalized and regulated as alcohol is, instead of what they intended to do.

This is down to the current witness that is being cross-examined by Doctors for Life’s advocate, here is a quoted question and Professor Nutt’s response.

Doctors for Life Advocate: “What is absurd with respect, is that, you prefer that all of society be put at risk by another drug, in other words, we know what alcohol does we’ve discussed what nicotine does, you now want to add cannabis to that list, that is what is absurd, if what you want to do is research, I understand that it may be difficult I understand that lobbying the powers that be may be difficult, time consuming and that your time might even be running out with respect and that you are frustrated, but what I don’t understand is, how is a scientist and as a doctor you can come and motivate… or whether you call it decriminalization, full legalization, deregulation, regular whatever terminology you want to use, that’s what I cannot understand in the face of all the evidence.”

Prof Nutt: “Well this is an argument that I have met many times and it is an argument that is used by prohibitionists, they say, as I think you’re implying, “Well we’ve got problems with alcohol, we got problems with tobacco, if we bring in cannabis, we’ll just add to the problems.” and I would say, to you and to the court, that, that is a fear, it is not evidence based, it’s beyond that, it’s not even, for many people a fear, it is a belief, it is a belief that drugs are bad and people shouldn’t use drugs and anything we can do, any piece of data we can collect so called, from scientists or doctors or anyone else to raise concerns about the harms of drugs, we should, even corrupt our scientists so that they don’t consider the benefits of drugs, they only publish on the harms of drugs in order to justify keeping drugs illegal.”

As you can see, Professor Nutt is a reasonable, level headed scientist, who relies on facts over belief without evidence, which, understandable, must be difficult for the religious institution of Doctors For Life.

In conclusion, the court has just adjourned for Lunch and “We look forward to the defendants being wiped around the court floor some more.” – One of the viewers on the live stream on YouTube.


One thought on “Professor Nutt, cracks Doctors For Life’s Fears.

  1. The more you use on Pot..
    the more kind appear to be, make people more pleasing,
    Booze…that’s the right word… when a man gets drunk…he’s already BUZZED


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