Tina Petersen and The Independent Cape Republic

Tina+Joemat-Pettersson+xxxAccording to the ANC’s very own, Tina “Jou-ma-se” Petersen, the Western Cape is a hideout for racists who do not want a black government

At a provincial ANC meeting, yesterday she likened the Western Cape to Orania, a Northern Cape town where only white Afrikaners are allowed to live.

She said the Western Cape had become painted as a place where “there is an influx of the rural poor from the Eastern Cape”.

“Those who do not believe in black majority rule, who still want to perpetuate white minority (rule), have moved from Gauteng to the Western Cape (and), have moved from Northern Cape,” she reportedly said.

“Those who still want to be racists have descended on your shores. You have new Jan van Riebeecks here.

“It is never mentioned that there is a coalition of white anti-left and anti-progressive forces here. The province is systematically not moving towards federalism, they are moving to an Orania, an independent state of the Western Cape.”

She is actually admitting what a failure the ANC regime is and how they failed to uplift the poor blacks from the Eastern Cape who are now practicall streaming like refugees into the DA run Western Cape. The mere fact that people (blacks included) flee the ANC’s corruption paradises of the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga is testimony of how bad they run those provinces. I mean if the ANC was doing a good job, nobody would flee, right?

She is further right to say that the people of the Western Cape want an independent state, separate and as far away from the ANC as possible. However these people are not so much whites, but mostly Cape coloureds like politician and businessman Peter Marais who wants a referendum on whether the Cape should become independent

I wonder if Tina “Jou-ma-se” Petersen also thinks these coloureds are racists for not wanting to be under the corrupt ANC rule.

It turns out that Tina is herself the biggest racist. She is actually contradicting her own party, because the ANC claims to be a non-racial party with many white coloured and Indian members. So what “black rule” is this she is accusing whites of that they don’t want to be under? The ANC?

So now, the ANC wants to reduce the provinces. They have realized that they will NEVER get the Western Cape through the ballot box. Therefore the Western Cape must be made one with the Eastern Cape and the Northern Cape where they are still in control so they can hi-jack the Western Cape illegally.

Originally SA only had four provinces. The ANC went and turned it into nine so that all their cronies could be ministers and governors and get big remuneration packages, but now that it does not serve their agenda, they want to reduce the provinces again.

I actually agree with them, as do most from the Western Cape, but how about this instead? The Independent Cape Republic.



Proposed Independent Cape


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